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Stroud & Swindon installs new identification software

Stroud & Swindon Building Society has installed new software for positively identifying individuals before giving them access to applications, data and networks.

This has been achieved by upgrading an existing CRYPTOCard system with a new a new SMS token.

Colin Campbell, IT Services Manager at Stroud and Swindon, says: “We have been using the CRYPTOCard Managed Service for the past 12 months. Our users have total confidence in the system and find it easier than having to decide on, and regularly change, the traditional static password system we were using previously.”

“We have just started using the new SMS token which answers our users’ demands for a more portable and easier to use token offering, and promises tremendous additional operational efficiency advantages while maintaining all of the protection we’ve come to expect.”

Previously users would gain access to the network by entering their PIN and then pressing a button on a hand held device to get a unique one-time-password (OTP).

Using the new SMS solution, the OTP is delivered to the user’s mobile phone and there is no need to carry any additional devices.

The solution uses CRYPTOCard’s unique “OTP Now” feature which means that every time the user logs-in to their network, their unique OTP is waiting for them on their mobile phone.

CRYPTOCard specialises in identification software and has markets in seven countries worldwide.

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