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DZ BANK name new board chairman

The supervisory board of DZ BANK AG has elected Rolf Hildner to serve as its chairman.

Hildner, who was formerly the German firm’s deputy chairman, succeeds Christopher Pleister who resigned from the post on 15 July.

Both the supervisory board and the board of directors have offered their thanks to Pleister for his time as the supervisory board’s chairman.

The board also elected a new deputy chairman, Helmut Gottschalk, who is to serve alongside Wolfgang Apitzsch.

DZ BANK’s chief executive officer, Wolfgang Kirsch, added that Pleister had played a significant role in the development of the firm, and that he was grateful for the contribution he had made.

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One Response to DZ BANK name new board chairman

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    I can’t charge back without contacting them first.

    Charge is showing up monthly as
    DS Ltd London, UK Asiamoviepa

    If someone could post a site, contact link or any other info it might help tons.