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“Bank Bosses Are Criminals” group claims responsibility for Sir Fred attack

A group calling itself “Bank Bosses Are Criminals” has claimed responsibility for the attack on the Edinburgh home of former Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) chief executive, Sir Fred Goodwin.

Windows were broken and a car was damaged at the premises in the early hours of Wednesday morning, although it is understood that the disgraced banking chief was not resident at the time.

An email was sent to local media outlets from the group, which claims to be angry that “rich people, like him (Sir Fred), are paying themselves a huge amount of money, and living in luxury, while ordinary people are made unemployed, destitute and homeless”.

The communication also threatens: “This is just the beginning”.

Public hostility towards Sir Fred has escalated in recent weeks because of the row over his pension entitlement.

The terms of his departure from RBS were dealt with hurriedly during the October phase of the banking crisis, when ministers worked out a recapitalisation package that eventually left the bank 68% state-owned.

Despite public outrage at a pension award that could cost the taxpayer £17 million in the years ahead, neither shame nor legal threats have persuaded Sir Fred to give up his pension pot.

Earlier this month the International Monetary Fund warned that the global recession brought with it the threat of civil unrest and perhaps even a war.

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One Response to “Bank Bosses Are Criminals” group claims responsibility for Sir Fred attack

  1. Skip Mendler says:

    The banking comunity would be well advised to take this development seriously, as an indication of the extent of public frustration and anger. If the people become convinced that government is inadequate to the task of reining in the misdeeds and excesses of the financial sector, they will indeed take matters into their own hands.

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