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first direct tackles the UK’s uninspired bosses

first direct is claiming that millions of Britons are prepared to change jobs and even switch careers in efforts to find the ideal boss.

New research from the online bank indicates that almost seven million UK workers have switched employers in an attempt to find a better boss, with 12% of this group even taking up a new career to facilitate their search.

The HSBC subsidiary suggests that Britain’s bosses have some lessons to learn and has identified the five most valuable qualities for a manager as follows: approachability; being a good communicator; being supportive; being a good leader and respecting their staff as individuals.

The qualities are worth developing because when working under a bad boss, employees report a loss of motivation and productivity and one in five are likely to be taking “sickies” as an avoidance tactic.

However, the key failing of British bosses is uninspiring leadership with 88% of respondents labelling their managers thus.

first direct is currently working with The Guardian to launch the UK’s “Best Boss Awards”, which will take place next year.

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