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One in five Britons have no savings

The Co-operative Bank has revealed that as many as 20% of Britons have no savings whatsoever.

When asked, those lacking savings stated they would resort to borrowing should they need extra funds, with most (53%) preferring credit cards.

Borrowing from family was also popular (42%), as were overdrafts (26%).

There was a perhaps predictable age difference in the findings, with those under 35 thrice as likely as those over 55 to have no savings at all.

As the UK continues to grapple with difficult economic conditions at home and abroad, there are plenty of potential financial pitfalls that could lead to a need for more money, including unexpected bills and domestic emergencies (boiler breakdown, burst pipes and so forth).

Head of Savings at The Co-operative Bank Zack Hocking said that habitually saving could provide a lifeline in tough times.

In related news, Schroders yesterday published research showing that 44% of Britons felt they would be worse off in retirement than their parents, due to lower annuity rates, the closure of final salary pension schemes and inflation.

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