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  • NAPF fears pensions capacity crunch

    Research from the National Association of Pensions Funds (NAPF) has found that four out of five (81%) of respondents, who include business and pension scheme members, believe the level of change expected in the course of the next 12 months … Read more »

  • Over 55s urged to spend more time planning retirement income

    New research commissioned by Legal & General and has revealed that 12% of British retirees are spending less than an hour browsing and selecting their retirement income. This is in stark contrast with the length of time that people … Read more »

  • Britons procrastinate rather than plan retirement

    Britons spend more time planning a holiday, haircut or shopping trip than preparing for their retirement income, according to new research commissioned by Scottish Widows. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the research also revealed that the things people worry about most are the … Read more »

  • Annuity rates on the rise

    Average annuity rates increased by a record 13% in 2013, according to the latest MGM Advantage Annuity Index. However, the record rise should be considered in context, particularly the fact that in 2012 the average annuity rate declined by a … Read more »

  • Webb proposes collective pensions

    Pensioners could see significantly more income in retirement due to a major change to the pensions system, consumer group Which? has reported. Pensions Minister Steve Webb has proposed the introduction of collective pension schemes, which may offer returns up to … Read more »

  • Risk of surge in pensioner poverty

    The Policy Exchange think tank has published a report warning that 11 million people are at risk of ‘pensioner poverty’ upon retirement. In response to this, the think tank has urged the Government to make saving for retirement mandatory. The … Read more »

  • Dramatic decline in properties funding pensions

    Research commissioned by AXA Wealth has found that Britain’s baby boomers are using a variety of assets to provide retirement income, with almost one in 10 (9%) expecting to rely upon family support. Less than a third (29%) cited their … Read more »

  • Bell proposes pension reform

    Andy Bell, the chief executive of AJ Bell, has written to the Government, calling on it to create a pensions system which delivers simplicity, fairness and certainty. Bell wrote an open letter to Sajid Javid MP, the Financial Secretary to … Read more »

  • Pensioners forced to tighten their belts

    Retirement income specialist MGM Advantage has released new research indicating that the rising costs of living are forcing retired people to make cuts to make ends meet. Over the course of the last twelve months two out of five (41%) … Read more »

  • Savers urged to keep track of multiple pension pots

    More than three out of five (63%) of pension holders are unaware of the total value of their savings, according to new research commissioned by Standard Life. Fewer than half (45%) know what level of income their savings could generate … Read more »

  • The high price of a happy retirement

    New research commissioned by retirement specialist LV= has found that a happy retirement costs around £225,756. Over a thousand men and women aged 60-65 were surveyed by the firm as LV= sought to create a blueprint for a happy retirement, … Read more »

  • FTT could harm pensions

    The Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) proposed by the European Commission has been criticised as flawed and unworkable, the BBC has reported. The Lords EU Sub-Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs, which made the criticisms, also predicted that the FTT proposal … Read more »

  • Save young, save often

    The Pensions Advisory Service has suggested that those nearing retirement make more concrete plans to ensure that they achieve a comfortable retirement. Research commissioned by Friends Life has revealed almost half (43%) of over 40s do not feel they have … Read more »

  • Retirees supported by their children

    Standard Life has commissioned research which revealed that, over the course of the last 12 months, 24% of parents had financially assisted their own parents. This is contrary to the widespread belief that the elderly are generally wealthier and therefore … Read more »

  • Inflation causes pensioners to cut back

    Despite inflation reaching a 13 month low, retirement specialist MGM Advantage has reported that half of people have cut back their spending over the course of the last year in order to make ends meet. From September to October CPI … Read more »

  • DWP has defined ambition for pensions

    The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has set out a range of proposals designed to improve workplace pensions for future generations. The changes are intended to increase certainty, share risks more equally, and encourage employers to offer the best … Read more »

  • Couples urged to avoid ‘single life’ mistake

    The Pensions Advisory Service has commented on a recent report by the Prudential, which has discovered that few people have ensured their partner will receive a pension income should they die. Of couples over 40, fewer than half have ensured … Read more »

  • High street banking giants voted worst for customer satisfaction

    New research claims to have identified the best and worst financial companies for customer satisfaction. Which? has asked 5,500 members of the public, in four independent surveys, how happy they are with their current account, savings, mortgage or credit card … Read more »

  • Regulator to name firms under investigation

    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned that it will be using its new powers to publicise warning notices prior to deciding whether or not to take enforcement action against a firm or an individual. The information will be made … Read more »

  • Nationwide launches new Fixed Rate Bonds and ISAs

    Nationwide Building Society has announced the launch of new Fixed Rate Bonds, eBonds and Fixed Rate ISAs. These include a four-year Fixed Rate Bond and e-Bond paying 2.40% gross p.a./AER, and a five-year Fixed Rate Bond and e-Bond paying 2.50% … Read more »