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Tag Archive: governance

  • Call for evidence on pension scheme quality

    The Government has issued a call for evidence on the current state of defined contribution (DC) pension schemes with the aim of setting minimum legislative standards on governance, default options, administration and record-keeping, and scale of schemes. Views from those … Read more »

  • BNP Paribas number one for corporate social responsibility

    BNP Paribas has been named as the number one bank globally in the Vigeo World 120 index. The index assesses companies and organisations with regard to their practices and performance on environmental and social and governance issues. It also identifies … Read more »

  • Latest EC proposals for “stronger and more responsible” banks

    The European Commission has brought forward proposals to change the behaviour of the 8,000 banks that operate across Europe by: Requiring banks to hold more and better capital to resist future shocks by themselves (the Basel III agreement). Setting up … Read more »

  • FSA clears RBS seniors of fraud or dishonesty

    The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has completed its supervisory investigation of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), begun in May 2009. The review has confirmed that the bank made a series of bad decisions in the years immediately before the financial … Read more »

  • HSBC faces shareholder revolt over remuneration

    HSBC is facing a shareholder rebellion over the remuneration of its executives. The bank will hold its annual general meeting on 30th May and Pirc, the body that provides advice on corporate governance, is urging investors to vote against HSBC … Read more »