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Tag Archive: handling

  • High Court hears PPI complaints handling case

    A judicial review launched by the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) begins in the High Court today. The UK’s banks are challenging the Financial Services Authority (FSA) regarding its rules for dealing with complains over payment protection insurance (PPI). Last year, … Read more »

  • PPI complaints handling delayed by judicial review

    The British Bankers’ Association (BBA) looks set on a collision course with the Financial Services Authority (FSA), having said it will only continue to handle Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) complaints where the assessment of the complaint would not be affected … Read more »

  • FSA: new rules on mortgage arrears handling

    The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is introducing new rules for lenders handling mortgage arrears, from 30th June. In addition, the regulator has confirmed plans to make all mortgage advisers, and those who arrange non-advised sales, personally accountable. The move will … Read more »

  • Retailers lash out over bank card charges

    The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is urging the Government to intervene and cut the “excessive” charges banks levy on retailers for accepting plastic. The Consortium claims that a combination of “unjustifiably high” charges and the growth of non-cash payment methods … Read more »

  • FSA proposes transparency on complaints handling

    The Financial Services Authority (FSA) wants consumers to have access to the facts about the ways in which firms handle customer complaints. The regulator is proposing that financial institutions make public the number of complaints they receive, the main products … Read more »