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Tag Archive: pension savings

  • Retirement savings at 5 year high

    More than half of people are now saving adequately for retirement, with 53% saving enough, the highest proportion since 2009. The Scottish Widows Retirement Report also revealed the largest ever year-on-year increase, up from 45% last year to 53%. The … Read more »

  • Savers could sleepwalk into £50bn tax charge

    Standard Life has warned people to check the sums they have invested in all their pension funds, as they may have exceeded the new lifetime allowance (LTA). If this has occurred then an unexpected tax charge could be incurred. In … Read more »

  • Retirement savers fear they’ve wasted their money

    Nearly one in five of the UK’s retirement savers are unhappy with their pension savings or fear they have wasted money by saving for retirement, according to MetLife. Research among retirement savers aged 45+ found that 12% wish they hadn’t … Read more »

  • Think tank proposes “radical simplification” of savings market

    A report from the Centre for Policy Studies is calling for “radical simplification” of the UK savings market. In a work entitled “Simplification is the key: stimulating and unlocking long-term saving”, analyst Michael Johnson recommends changes that would bring ISAs … Read more »