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Tag Archive: reforms

  • ABI announces retirement income reforms

    Customers will benefit from more help when they turn their pension savings into retirement income, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has announced. A new minimum standard for customers is to be introduced in the pensions industry, building on the … Read more »

  • Sweeping reforms to directors’ pay

    Today has seen the introduction of government reforms aimed at making investors and shareholders better informed regarding how much directors have, and will be paid. From now on, shareholders of around 900 UK quoted companies, including leading banks, should have … Read more »

  • Watchdog sets out reforms to DC pensions market

    The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and The Pensions Regulator have agreed on a set of reforms to the UK’s £275 billion defined contribution (DC) workplace pensions market, having identified problems which mean some savers aren’t getting value for money. … Read more »

  • Government announces reform of directors’ pay

    Vince Cable has announced the most comprehensive reforms of the UK’s framework for directors’ remuneration in a decade. According to the Business Secretary, the package aims to address failures in corporate governance by empowering shareholders to engage effectively with companies … Read more »

  • Vulnerabilities build for China’s banks

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is calling for further reforms to China’s financial system, which it says is facing a steady build-up in vulnerabilities, resulting from the growing complexity of the system and the wobbling global economy. In its first … Read more »

  • Intraday liquidity risks threaten CHAPS members

    A senior Bank of England official has outlined a number of proposed technical reforms for the CHAPS and CREST payment systems, to be championed by the Bank. In a speech delivered to the Yorkshire and Humberside Network of the ifs … Read more »

  • US Senate passes radical banking reforms

    The US Senate has passed the most sweeping reforms to US financial regulation in 70 years. A new Bill, passed yesterday by 60 votes to 38, will establish a federal consumer protection agency and allow for the break up of … Read more »

  • OFT proposes reforms to insolvency practitioner regulation

    The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has recommended far-reaching reforms to the regulation of insolvency practitioners. In a recent study, the watchdog found that secured creditors such as the banks that appoint insolvency practitioners, have a strong incentive to control … Read more »

  • Almost a million UK adults without bank accounts

    Nearly a million adults in the UK are living almost entirely in the cash economy because they don’t have even the most basic of bank accounts. A new report from Consumer Focus claims some of the most vulnerable individuals in … Read more »

  • US Senators vote in favour of sweeping regulatory reform

    US Senators have passed a bill that contains the most sweeping reforms to America’s system of financial regulation, since the 1930s. With a comfortable majority of 59 votes to 39, the new legislation tackles the failings that have been blamed … Read more »

  • Global banks need national subsidiaries

    The Governor of the Bank of England is in favour of tackling global banks that are too big to fail by creating national subsidiaries, the BBC reports. Addressing the Treasury Committee yesterday, Mervy King described dealing with the failure of … Read more »