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Tag Archive: shopping around

  • “Better rate” annuity services not good enough

    Pensioners shopping around for annuity deals risk losing out because specialist services fail to offer the best deals on retirement income. According to Key Retirement Solutions, a collective £33 million in income could go to waste this year as many … Read more »

  • Five common pitfalls in buying an annuity

    While shopping around for an annuity is the best way to secure the best rates, investment expert, Hargreaves Lansdown, has come up with advice for those embarking on the process. According to the firm, there are five common pitfalls as … Read more »

  • Over 55s still confused about annuities

    Three quarters of workers coming up to retirement are in danger of losing out on pension income because they are not shopping around for their pension annuities. Research by Just Retirement found that 75% of over 55s questioned did not … Read more »