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Tag Archive: switch

  • Cash ISA savers advised to “watch banks like a hawk”

    Two-thirds of people who hold a cash ISA that came with a “teaser” interest rate are likely to be losing out by failing to switch, once the introductory interest rate runs out. According to research from Consumer Focus, many of … Read more »

  • Britons happy with personal current accounts

    Britons are happy with the ways in which their bank current accounts are provided and run, according to the BBC. Research by the broadcaster has revealed that 92% of bank account holders questioned had not switched providers in the past … Read more »

  • Co-op registers 38% rise in current account sales

    Co-operative Bank Current Accounts saw an impressive 38% rise in current account sales during 2009. Twenty-two per cent of new customers were switchers and the figures show a 31% increase in switching activity from the UK’s big four banks (Lloyds … Read more »

  • Britons to transfer £3.2bn between credit cards

    Credit card tarts will have a busy start to the year, with Santander Cards estimating that over 4.5 million Britons will move in excess of £3.2 billion between credit cards in the first three months of 2010. Research by the … Read more »

  • Lloyds TSB to pick up Northern Rock’s best borrowers

    Lloyds TSB has entered into an agreement with Northern Rock which means that customers of the nationalised bank will be directed towards Lloyds TSB when their fixed-rate mortgages come up for renewal. For the next three years, certain Northern Rock … Read more »